I am Robert Petro. I’m a digital product manager. I love researching, planning, wireframing, designing, building, testing, shipping. I love it all.

Truth be told I haven’t always been a product manager. I cut my teeth in the web industry at a couple of cool agencies. In Raleigh NC I worked as a designer at Fragment. From there I moved to NYC and got called up to the ‘bigs’ at Arc90. I took a really big step forward at Arc90 as I shifted from designer to front-end developer. At this point I’m pretty good with Javascript and the other necessary parts of modern front-end architectures.
Arc90 also provided me with my first experiences working on larger projects. My clients at Arc90 included companies like McGraw Hill, Reuters, Cornell and Readability. As my career progressed I began leading customer engagements and sitting in a ton of meetings helping executives to understand the tech process as a whole...this was the beginning of my product managment career.
After Arc90 I became the Head of Product for Beatport Pro. As Head of Product I had a ton of responsibilities ranging from requirements gathering from executives and DJ’s all the way to wireframing and managing the teams of developers and designers. My main goal was shipping a quality product that more than 40 million people used and that brought in around 45 million dollars a year.
From Beatport I became the Lead Product Manager at Postlight...again in NYC. This opportunity had me managing projects with Time Inc, Aziz Ansari and an internal app at Postlight.
Currently I’m helping to rearrange an entire technology branch of a company called Allbridge. We’re working to build some great products in the hospitality space.
With varied experience and some serious responsibities I’m constantly looking to improve. Onward.

My skillset as a list of words

  • Talking to clients/stakeholders
  • Javascript
  • Photoshop
  • Agile type stuff
  • Organizing messiness
  • Git
  • Understanding how it all works
  • React/Backbone/What have you
  • Design
  • Requirements writing
  • Ticket creation
  • Communication
  • Budget Managment
  • Poppin’ out ideas
  • Slack/Bot Stuff
  • Linux/Server stuff